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Analog Labs
Re-programming smarter, healthier, wealthier, communities

Educate. Apply. Engage.


R&D for Social Good


Analog Labs is a blockchain research laboratory based in East Bay, California. Our mission is to

1. Educate societies about emerging paradigms of participatory computing,

2. Apply this knowledge for social good,

3. Be financially and environmentally sustainable



Case 1


Roger lives in San Francisco and suffers from dementia. He can no longer operate “Smart Phones" and needs a simpler way to communicate with his children in Orange County.

Educational Goals:

  1. Build a screen-less phone simple enough for Roger to use.

  2. Learn how mobile phones work.

  3. Program a GSM modem.


Case 2


Teams of clinical specialists, therapists, and social workers round on hospitalized patients and collaboratively develop treatment plans.

Educational Goals:

  1. Understand how healthcare professionals communicate in hospitals and clinics and recognize opportunities to improve.

  2. Learn how to map indoor and outdoor areas.

  3. Build a device that can facilitate how healthcare professionals communicate and care for patients.




Learn how to make your own mobile phone, camera, and location tracker.

Our DIY Kits come with everything you need to prototype internet-connected devices and are endlessly customizable.


Build Better.


These DIY projects are a starting point for further innovation. We invite you to get involved by

  • Applying these projects to help your family, friends, and community live healthfully,

  • Improving on them by writing source code, drafting 3D print models, and designing illustrations.

It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge
— Albert Einstein