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Educate. Apply. Engage.


R&D for Social Good


Analog Labs is a computing R&D lab whose mission is to

1. Disseminate knowledge,

2. Apply this knowledge for social good,

3. Be sustainable



Case 1

Roger lives in San Francisco and suffers from dementia. He can no longer operate “Smart Phones" and needs a simpler way to communicate with his children in Orange County.

Educational Goals:

  1. Build a screen-less phone simple enough for Roger to use.

  2. Learn how mobile phones work.

  3. Program a GSM modem.


Case 2

Teams of clinical specialists, therapists, and social workers round on hospitalized patients and collaboratively develop treatment plans.

Educational Goals:

  1. Understand how healthcare professionals communicate in hospitals and clinics and recognize opportunities to improve.

  2. Learn how to map indoor and outdoor areas.

  3. Build a device that can facilitate how healthcare professionals communicate and care for patients.





Your workplace is 2 miles from the nearest BART Station, and parking spots are expensive and few in number.

Educational Goals:

  1. To analyze existing bike, car and scooter-sharing programs and their impact on communities.

  2. To design a bike share program that improves the health of individuals and communities.

  3. To learn how to build a mobile internet-connected GPS tracker.

IMG_4419 2.jpeg


Learn how to make your own mobile phone, camera, and location tracker.

Our DIY Kits come with everything you need to prototype internet-connected devices and are endlessly customizable.


Build Better

These projects are a starting point for further innovation. We invite you to get involved by

  • Applying these projects to benefit your community,

  • Improving on them by writing source code, drafting 3D print models, and designing illustrations.

It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge
— Albert Einstein