3D Print-on-demand


How it Works

Whether it’s to replace parts, produce functional prototypes, or create art, 3D printing lets anyone turn an idea into physical reality quickly and cheaply.

We offer the lowest rates among any print-as-a-service company and will beat any quoted price. Our pricing is pretty much the cost of the raw material without any extra setup fees or labor costs.

1. Send your 3D model (STL file) to howdy@analog.earth, along with:

  • a brief description of what the model is/does

  • any special material requirements (e.g. heat resistance, high tensile strength, food safe)

  • how many prints you’d like

  • Optional: Any quotes you’ve received from other 3D printing services (we will beat any price)

2. A real life human will review your request & respond by email.

Note: Please don’t send any proprietary or confidential information.