Minh-Quan Nguyen

Industrial Design Research Associate

Minh-Quan is an undergraduate student in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering at the University of Michigan’s College of Engineering. He has been writing code and building electronic devices most of his life. Minh-Quan is skilled in CAD and experienced in advanced fabrication methods, including 3D printing and laser cutting. He was part of the student CubeSat electronics team and is a member of the Energy Systems Research Lab. An inventor at heart, Minh-Quan is applying his industrial design skills and engineering talents to help develop Analog Labs’ blockchain-based supply chain and intellectual property management system.


Royd Carlson, MBBS

Chief of Operations, Manufacturing and Logistics Director

Dr. Carlson is an Australian-American physician who has applied his background in software development to a variety of complex, mission-critical projects with a track record of success. He was part of the founding team at Genetic Foresight, a UC Berkeley-incubated startup that develops genetic tests for precision medicine and to prevent drug complications. He manages an industrial farming operation in Idaho, where he utilizes drones and genetic data from seed banks to optimize yield while protecting ecosystems. Dr. Carlson is applying his research experience in distributed ledger technology to the design of Analog Labs’ blockchain-based supply chain and intellectual property management system.


Omar Metwally, MD

Principal Investigator

I’m an Internal Medicine physician who loves to create, build, and solve problems. My mission is to help as many people as possible live longer, healthier, and happier lives.

Maize and Blue run in my blood. I completed my undergraduate and medical education at the University of Michigan and am a board certified internist. I’ve been programming and building electronics since my childhood, when my grandfather sparked my love for technology and taught me the joy of inventing solutions to daily problems.

Analog Labs is a space to prototype software & hardware and study how it can be applied to benefit others. It’s my perspective on how creative, interdisciplinary work can be applied to innovate the medical profession, where people of all backgrounds are welcome to pursue the How and Why of applied research.

I hope this sparks your imagination, and I welcome all opportunities to learn from you and support your work wherever there’s opportunity for synergistic collaboration.

— Omar Metwally, MD

🌏 omar@analog.earth | metwally@umich.edu

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