High-Temperature 3D printing

Fabricating materials with special properties, such as heat-resistance, flexibility, and high tensile strength, traditionally requires production-grade 3D printers or other manufacturing techniques. This tutorial is an introduction to open source 3D printing and describes:

  • How to install a high-temperature heater block and nozzle on an open-source 3D printer

  • How to connect a thermistor and amplifier to the Rambo circuit board

  • How to modify and flash printer firmware.

High-temperature 3D printing allows a much wider range of materials than standard 3D printing.

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mobile Internet-connected hardware


Autonomous cars, smart agriculture, and drone development are some of many applications of embedded hardware that require the capacity to send and receive information in real-time. This introduction to embedded hardware describes:

  • How to network “Internet of Things” (IoT) projects with a mobile internet connection

  • How to build a location tracker

  • How to apply this knowledge to power a bike share project

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