Minimally Invasive Software

This DIY Kit contains the building blocks you need to teach you how to build your own ZenPhone. The ZenPhone is a screen-less mobile phone that performs one function very well: phone calls. You can define a list of phone numbers that the ZenPhone will automatically accept as incoming calls. To place a call, scan the image of the person you want to call (the cartoon images are placeholders).

This kit comes with a SIM Card which you can activate and manage yourself. You can also bring your own existing SIM card if you prefer.

What can I do with a ZenPhone?

If you want a shiny, ready-made phone, we recommend visiting your local electronics store or an online retailer. 

We believe that acquiring skills that can be used to benefit yourself and others is one of the best investments a person can make. We love building things, and we made these DIY kits to share our love for discovery, learning, and adventure. That’s the most valuable part of this DIY kit.

You can customize your Zen Phone endlessly based on how you want to use it in your life.


This DIY Kit comes with the following components:

  • Illustrated Adventure Guide

  • Raspberry Pi 3

  • Micro-SD card pre-installed with Raspbian and source code

  • 3G cellular modem

  • SIM card

  • Earbuds for hands-free calling

  • 5V/2A Power Cord

  • Bar Code Scanner

  • Software to generate new bar codes

Not included:

  • HDMI-compatible monitor

  • Wireless keyboard and mouse

  • HDMI cable

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